And we say goodbye.

[Updating tonight instead of tomorrow, just in case I don’t get time in the morning!]

Once again, Furnal Equinox comes to an end. A bitter sweet one as always.

I had an amazing time, and met amazing people. Even people I’m keeping contact with!

Sales weren’t all that impressive, but I did well enough. More than enough for rent, so I don’t have to stress about money for a bit! I wish I could have taken more commissions, but I guess my decision to only take badge commissions was a bit of a mistake. I do have a couple digital commissions to do at home, but as far as traditional art goes, I only had two badges to make.

I DID end up taking a couple of illustration commissions in the end. One for a friend, and one for someone who wanted a dragon. And I love drawing dragons. And I had free time on the last day sooooo.

BUT YEAH. I want to come again next year for sure. This convention seems like it gets more and more fun, and I feel more and more at ease when I’m here. Talking to people becomes easier. I feel like a friendlier person. Even if I get a bit sad at times, the good pretty much crushes the bad.

So in all, it was an amazing weekend, but I will be missing the friends I won’t see for a long time.

Tomorrow I’m going home, and I’ll go back to my usual routine. I miss my bird sons and friends back home, so it doesn’t feel all that bad to leave.

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