Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When is payment required? Do I just send it to you? Or wait for an invoice?

A: I will contact you when I get to your commission, and will only request payment through an invoice once I’ve proven that I am working on it (I will send a rough sketch for you to approve.)


Q: I’ve chosen to go with the Wing It option. Do I still get a rough sketch?

A: With the Wing It option, you trust me. I will request payment when I get to it. Even if I don’t send the rough sketch, I promise that I will never request payment for work I’m not planning on getting started on. (I mean… unless you insist on paying right away, I will not stop you, but you’ll have to understand that it won’t give you priority on the list.)


Q: Are you willing to draw […]?

A: I probably am!  As long as it doesn’t go against my TOS.


Q: What is the price for […]?

A: The prices are written on the page for each commission type! Extra things like close ups, small/intricate details, and background can be discussed with me, though!


Q: I like X artist’s art style a lot, can you draw like them?

A: This is quite rude to ask.  If you want an artist’s style, ask them!  I’m pretty sure they’ll be much more happier if they don’t get their style emulated by someone else.


Q: Is it ok to ask on progress?

A: It is MORE than ok!  I’ll be glad to tell you where I am in the work on your commissions, and I’ll gladly send you screenshots if requested.


Q: I want a commission, but I’m not getting payed until X days…

A: No trouble, you can still send your request, and I’ll put it on hold until you can pay me, as long as it is within the month you’re making your request.


Q: I know you’re closed but would you_

A: No; I am closed.


Q: Is it ok if someone else colours the lineart/sketch I’ve commissioned from you?

A: It’s totally alright with me!


Q: Can I make a base from that drawing?

A: Unless you’re the one who’s commissioned it; no.  And if you are the one who’s commissioned, you are not allowed to use the base for money.


Q: Can I pay you with X?

A: I only accept Paypal and Interac for cash payment, BUT I MIGHT be interested in trading for goods/Amazon giftcards. Generally, though, I’ll make a journal about things I’m willing to trade for art.


Q: When’s my turn?

A: I have a public commissions list, though it is not fully precise, so you can have an idea of when you turn is!