Orito Quest

Orito is a dimension hopper with a virtually unlimited amount of versions!


Orito has one goal in life: To fuck and/or get fucked by anyone and anything able to give (and willing to give) informed consent.


Everything on this page uses horny logic.

Everything is canon, but also, nothing is.


Some times, Orito meets Orito, too! They’re never related, and always duplicates/clones. Literally the same person with a different body.

Some Written Info Until I Get a New Refsheet Done


First Name: Orito

Last Name: N/A

Age: Variable, always 21+

Sex: Variable

Gender: Omnigender 

Pronouns: Any

Orientation: Omnisexual

Species: Variable, Almost Always Humanoid


Height: Variable, usually between 5′ and 6′ when human

Weight: Too variable for an average

Race: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Skin Tone: Always Tanned, Unless Unnatural Colour

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Auburn-ish?

Sex/Gender in More Details

Being a dimension hopper, and finding themselves inhabiting a plethora of different bodies, Orito’s relationship with sex and gender is a bit different from the usual.


They feel “Omnigender” works the best to label it.


They tend not to think much about it, and will be ok with people identifying them as whatever they appear to be at a given time, as long as they’re respectful about it.


Different appearances don’t mean that their personal situation should be used as a way to invalidate other people’s state of being.


For that reason, it is possible for Orito to refer to themselves in different terms depending on the situation.

Sexy Bits

(These are only average, seeing as genitalia and other sex characteristics are very variable.)


A good handful with a bit of spill.
More soft than firm. 


Dick ‘n Balls:
Doesn’t really point up even when fully hard.
Over average in length (~9″), average in girth.
Balls are bit on the heavy side.


Gets very wet very easily.
-If not taking hormones or intersex: small-ish labia minora, average clitoris. Nothing out of the ordinary.
-If taking hormones or intersex: large-ish labia minora, large clitoris (~2″)


Body Hair: Affected by testosterone levels.


Even though Orito is an incredibly sex motivated being, consent is always a priority.


They will never force anyone into anything, and will not insist.


The sex and gender of their partner doesn’t matter to them, and physical appearance has little to no impact.


Very willing to try new things, but still has limits. Anything including bodily wastes and injuries beyond bruises/scratches is a no-go.


Orito will happily “top” or “bottom” depending on their partner’s preferences, but doesn’t go all that far into dom/sub roles unless for roleplay purposes.


Every version of Orito is 100% infertile.

For more in-depth info: f-list


Regular Human Universe

Just random drawings with Human Orito!

Office Universe

Am universe in which Orito works an office job and is also the office slut. Orito’s got coworkers in that one!

… They all fuck.

Fantasy Universe

Orito, but in fantasy settings! This is the one in which neat creatures are met (and slept with).

Incubus/Succubus Universe

The universe in which Orito is a sex demon. Literally!

Fairy Universe

Tiny body, still huge sex drive!




This page contents explicit adult material and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.