Last Hurrah!

And the convention comes to an end!
Well, at least technically. I’m not leaving until tomorrow.

Sales yesterday were still very good! And I didn’t have all that much down time, which was nice. Finished an other badge, as well as an illustration. Still waiting on info for an other badge, I hope I get it soon, otherwise I might not be able to complete it, and I’ll have to cancel the commission slot. This has happened at pretty much every convention I went to. I guess “Here is the link, I’ll be waiting on the info” isn’t clear enough. It’s kind of stressful, seeing as I don’t like having to cancel slots, but I really don’t want to have to ship anything out.


Ended up being up until around 4am, playing board games. Was pretty fun, other than the constant misgendering, even after reminding people multiple times about my pronouns, and literally wearing them in front of my face. Some people just don’t make any effort at all… I mean, in a way it’s not as bad seeing as because of that I left earlier than I would have wanted to, and ended up getting more sleep time. Still sucked to be that singled out when everyone else got to be called the right way for themselves.

Other than that,
I met up with a friend I’ve known online for years, and we had a really good time! I finally tried Chipotle and it made me wish we had some of that back home.

That’s all I can think about that’s worth mentioning for now! I’ll post again tomorrow to wrap everything up, and then it’ll be back to the usual routine once I get home.

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