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Playing to Lose Comic Project

This is the story of Trevor(34), a single dad, forced into fatherhood at a young age.

He discovers in his daughter’s best friend(18) a type of attention he had been looking for for a long time. The type of passion he never thought he’d find. The relationship is unhealthy, but the addiction is too strong. As much as the situation puts pressure on his mental state, as much he clings to it so he can pretend that everything is fine.

As much as he wants it to remain hidden, as much he has no hope of ever finding again what he feels like he needs if he gives up on all of it.

A story of broken, messed up people, who find solace in what makes them feel alive.

A story of violence, sexuality, love, lies, depression, anger, addiction, bad decisions, loss, doing what’s possible to be happy, and trying to give others the possibility of doing better.


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