Height: 5’3″
Weight: 130kg

Preferred Weapon: [N/A]

Personality: Rarely takes things seriously, jokes a lot. His jokes aren’t even good. Flirts a lots and uses bad pick up lines. Is known to take things too far.

Notes: Can use spear type weapons in last resort tactics, but isn’t skilled at all.

<You know, a lot of my humour is what humans used to call “Dad jokes”.>

-13B: Squadmate. His soft spot for the tall girl is pretty obvious. Their differing sizes and her not avoiding physical contact come to as an advantage…
-14O: Acquaintance. He attempts to communicate with her when on the field with 52B. It’s unprofessional.
-35H: Squadmate. The main victim of his newly thought out pick up lines.
-52B: Squadmate. As he might get damaged by her tendency to take things literally, he’s a bit more careful about what he says around 52B.

Without Visor
Self Destruct

Pod 101

Notes: Communicates in French.

<Suggestion: Changer le language parlé de l’équipe pour le Français.>