Height: 5’6″
Weight: 145kg

Preferred Weapon: [N/A]

Personality: Really into gossips. Treats other androids’ lives as a soap opera. Wishes she could do more, yet complains about being overworked. Gives nicknames to everyone.

Notes: Collects spare parts in her room. Most of them are left hands.

<Please do not bring me an other foot. I don’t know where to put those anymore.>
<Maybe next time, bring me a RIGHT hand? What’s with all the left hands?!>

-13B: Squadmate. Appreciates 13B being a bit more careful than others about not getting pulled apart.
-14O: Acquaintance? Friend? 14O allows her to be up to date with what happens in missions she’s not deployed for.
-34S: Squadmate. She doesn’t get most of his jokes, but isn’t oblivious to his flirting. She isn’t interested in a romance of her own, though, so tough luck for the guy.
-52B: Squadmate. While she wishes she would stop losing limbs, she enjoys chatting it up about stuff that happens in other androids’ lives.



Without Visor
Self Destruct

Pod 098

Notes: Nicknamed and answers to “Ninette”

Quotes: [N/A]