Height: 5’11”
Weight: [N/A]

Preferred Weapon: [N/A]

Personality: The optimist! He always finds a way to turn any situation into a positive one. Always there to cheer people up, always down for anything, double thumbs up all the way! He always seems nice, but he’s also always planning or plotting something to have things go his way, or gain something from it. Not in a bad way, though.

Notes: Can use a spear type weapon if required.

<That’s an improvement!>

-34S: A good friend of his. He loves hanging out with him, and the occasional “dates”, as 34S calls them. He’s also usually in charge of his maintenance. Part of the scanner trio.
-45S: An other good friend of his. He is in charge of waking him up, and fixing up his hair. He sort of plays the role of a planner for him. Part of the scanner trio
-52B: The “tiny leader”, as he likes to call her. Also a friend. He loves to tease her and loves how she’s always down for just about anything (even when it goes too far.)
-78O: His operator. He wishes he could change for someone else. Anyone else. He doesn’t think she’s bad, but…

Without Visor
Self Destruct

Pod 404


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