Height: 5’4″
Weight: 135.7kg

Preferred Weapon: Light Blades

Personality: Overdoes it all the time. Just wants to make people happy, but has an unbalanced sense of moral values, going great (and not always appropriate) lengths for simple tasks.

Notes: Leader.

Quotes: [N/A]

-13B: Squadmate. Long time friends.
-14O: Assigned Operator. They talk when 52B feels lonely
-34S: Squadmate. Tasked her assigned Pod with laughing at his jokes. Wishes she understood 34S’ jokes herself.
-35H: Squadmate. Enjoys the gossip filled repair sessions.

Without Visor
Self Destruct
No coat

Pod 017

-Heart shape drawn on lower back side.
-Tasked with laughing at 34S’ jokes.
-Monotonous laugh.

<Ha. Ha. Ha.>

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