Not Really Daily


Hey there!

I’m Saucy, a non-binary French Canadian dude (he/him or they/them) who draws full-time!

I’m a digital artist who enjoys many different art subjects, including humans, furries, and fantasy creatures!

I love creating positive, cute, fun content and queer and sex-positive stuff.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil, and I made drawing my full-time job sometime around 2013!

Where to find me

Personal Account

(Mostly SFW, but would rather not interact with anyone underage.)

General Art Account

(SFW art only. Not very active)

Furry Art Account🔞

(Contains explicit NSFW content, as well as general furry art.)

NSFW Human Art Account🔞

(Contains explicit NSFW content, as well as suggestive human art.)

Commissions Account

(NSFW to logged-in users. Work-related art.)

Personal Account

(NSFW to logged-in users. Personal art.)

Commissions Account

(NSFW, work-related art)

Personal Account

(NSFW, personal art)


NSFW, free-for-all of content.

Finished art and Commissions

(NSFW, finished work, including commissions.)

Doodles and Sketches

(NSFW, personal art)

Contact me through email (business related only):

[email protected]