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Before you commission...
Read First

Hello there!
If this is your first time around here, let me help you a bit! First of all, thanks a lot for considering me for a commission, I’m glad you like my art enough to be interested in having me draw something for you!

To get started, please take a look at every one of the following tabs (Application System, ToS, FAQ, and Will and Won’t Draw) which you can find below, so at least a few of your possible questions might be answered without having to wait for my answer.


Now that you are a bit more familiar with this, lets get to the next step, which is choosing the type of commission that suits your needs and budget the best.

To familiarize yourself with those offered options, scroll down a bit more and feel free to click tabs and browse around!

Once your choice is made, all what’s left is to send in a commission application!

I now work with an “application system” instead of timed commission openings.

Commission requests are NOT automatically accepted, and I will only be accepted what I feel like working on at the time of submission. 

There are no limits to the number of different commissions you can apply for at the same time. 

You are allowed to re-send the same commission application once every 72 hours if it has not been selected.


In case of approval of your commission:

-I will be sending you an approval email, and will be adding your commission to my list. 

-An approved commission is a contract, and will abide by my ToS.


In case of rejection of your commission:

-I will be sending you an email to let you know your commission hasn’t been selected at this time.

-Feel free to re-apply after 72 hours/3 days.

-Please be aware that a rejection does NOT mean I will never be willing to work on your commission! Please see “Why was my commission rejected?” in the FAQ tab for more info.


  • Do NOT send ANY payment before your request is approved, and an invoice is issued. All payment received out of invoice will be taken as a donation.
  • An invoice will be sent when I get to your turn on my queue, or after the initial rough sketch has been approved depending on the commission type.
  • Do NOT complain about my prices.
  • Do not try bargaining.
  • Do not commission if you’re not sure you’ll have the money to pay for it.
  • If you can not pay right away but will have the money available within one month of the request, I can put the commission on hold, but I will need to know beforehand. If you haven’t notified me, and do not have the funds when I send the invoice, the commission request will be cancelled.
  • If I say no, do not insist.
  • I do not copy other artists’ style.  If you want something in their style, ask them.
  • PLEASE try and keep the commission request impersonal. I am an artist, not a confidant. If details aren’t required for the commission, it’s not needed to mention them!


  • Remember to mention the species of your character if the reference doesn’t mention it.
  • Too many references are better than not enough.
  • If anything should be done differently from what is provided as reference (i.e: markings, haircut, accessories, etc…) they should be mentioned in the initial request.
  • Forgotten details might come with a fee if work has already been done.
  • Please try and put all of your thoughts into the form, so you can reduce the probability of having to ask for changes.


  • I will be communicating through emails only. No IMSs (i.e: Discord, Telegram, etc…). Please don’t forget to check your inbox once in a while.
  • Feel free to poke me if I don’t reply within 24 hours!
  • Don’t be shy about asking for updates, the worst that can happen is that I have none.
  • Please try and keep it to one thread if possible! Or in case you forgot something, copy and paste your other reply so one email contains all the information.


  • In the case of an already started commission, only a partial refund will be made, depending on when the refund is requested. In other words, if work has been done, I will keep the amount associated with the amount of work done.
  • In the case of a Wing-It, a refund can be made if I haven’t started yet. I can not refund the PayPal fee.
  • No refund shall be issued for a completed commission.


  • Please note that if no reply is made within a week (7 days) of me sending an update, the step/finished piece will count as being approved, and will no longer be available for changes and revisions.
  • Rough Sketch: Full changes of pose(s) and/or character(s) are allowed at the rough sketch stage, as long as they’re caused by my own mistake (i.e: misread a request and got the pose wrong, switched the poses of characters in a scene with multiple characters). Wanting a new pose because you’ve changed your mind will be an extra fee based on the complexity/number of characters/etc… Medium changes are free of charge. Minor changes are free of charge.
  • Lineart/Clean Sketch: Minor changes are allowed at the lineart or clean sketch stage. Medium changes are free of charge, to an extent. If too many changes are requested, there will be a fee based on time spent. If a full change of pose is requested, there will be an extra fee based on the complexity/number of characters/etc…
  • Completed Commission: Once the piece is completed, the only allowed changes are based on my own mistakes (i.e: markings in wrong places or missing, wrong colour used on clothes, etc…)
  • On Wing-It or Sketch type commissions, the only changes allowed are based on my own mistakes (i.e: markings in wrong places or missing, wrong colour used on clothes, etc…)
  • On Wing-It or Sketch type commissions requiring character design: I will not be changing the design unless it is my own mistake. If something wasn’t specified, I will not change it. It is not recommended to order a Wing-It commission for a character without a reference sheet.
  • Specific to Refsheets and/or commissions requiring character design: Please try and have a good idea of what you want, or a list of a few ideas. When requesting changes, please try and mention EVERYTHING at once (i.e: Shape and colour of markings, shape of eyes, body proportions, etc…) instead of making it multiple steps. Asking for different changes in multiple steps when it could be done in one reply might end up costing an extra fee.
  • Examples of Minor Changes: Position of hand, expression, accessories, piece of clothing.
  • Examples of Medium Changes: Entire outfit, position of both arms or legs, environment if any.


  • I will provide the Full Resolution, as well as a Resized Version, and a Watermarked Version
  • You are not allowed to claim the artwork as yours.
  • You are not allowed to make any kind of profit from the commissioned drawing unless discussed beforehand.
  • You are not allowed to claim the artwork as yours or to remove the signature.  Cropping is ok if credit is given.
  • Colouring linearts is allowed, as long as no change to the lineart is done without me allowing it, and only if you’re the commissioner (or you allow someone else to colour it).
  • If you want your commission(s) to be private, just ask me, and you’ll be the only one to get the file(s).
  • Commissioning other artists to make (either by request or commission) derivative work should be discussed with me beforehand. I will most than likely allow a one-off thing, but never mass-produced articles (i.e: keychains).
  • In the case of derivative work being made, credits to me will be MANDATORY.
  • If you use your commission is used for the creation or promotion of NFTs, you will owe me a total sum of $10,000 USD, or the rounded-up equivalent of triple the price of the sale if a sale is made and valued at more than $10,000 USD.
  • The art you commission (Or any of my art at all) should NEVER be used for machine learning/AI art.


  • Unless discussed beforehand, the High Resolution of your commission will be made available on Patreon. You are still free to share the High Resolution with people.
  • Prints might be produced and sold. If you do not want your commission to be used for that purpose, please let me know beforehand.

Q: What currency are the prices in?

A: Unless mentioned in a special sale, prices are in USD.


Q: What is your work process?

A: For a commission containing multiple steps (meaning anything but Sketches, Speedpaints and Wing-It commission), I will be sending a rough sketch for approval, after which I will be sending an invoice. I will also send the cleaned/lined version of the piece for approval before I get to the colouring and shading steps. Please see my ToS for more info on changes and/or fixes at each step.


Q: When is payment required? Do I just send it to you? Or wait for an invoice?

A: I will contact you when I get to your commission, and will only request payment through an invoice once I’ve started working on it (I will send a rough sketch for you to approve.) unless you’ve selected the Sketch, Speedpaint, or Wing-It option, in which case I will send the invoice before any work is done.


Q: Here’s my Discord/Telegram/etc…

A: No, thank you.


Q: I’ve chosen to go with the Wing It option. Do I still get a rough sketch?

A: With the Wing It option, you trust me. I will send an invoice when I get to the commission. Even if I don’t send the rough sketch, I promise that I will never request payment for work I’m not planning on getting started on. (I mean… unless you insist on paying right away, I will not stop you, but you’ll have to understand that it won’t give you priority on the list.)


Q: Are you willing to draw […]?

A: Please see my Will and Will Not Draw section first! If it doesn’t answer your quesion, please click the “Any Question” tab, or scroll down to the “I have a question!” button.


Q: What is the price for […]?

A: The prices are written on the page for each commission type! Extra things like close ups, small/intricate details, and background can be discussed with me, though!


Q: I like X artist’s art style a lot, can you draw like them?

A: This is quite rude to ask.  If you want an artist’s style, ask them!  I’m pretty sure they’ll be much more happier if they don’t get their style emulated by someone else.


Q: Is it ok to ask on progress?

A: It is MORE than ok!  I’ll be happy to tell you where I am in the work on your commissions, and I’ll gladly send you updates if requested, unless the Wing-It option was selected, or if the commission is a Rough Sketch.


Q: I want a commission, but I’m not getting payed until X days…

A: No trouble, you can still send your form, and I’ll put it on hold until you can pay me, as long as it is within the month you’re making your request. You WILL have to tell me beforehand, though, otherwise the commission will be canceled.


Q: Is it ok if I/someone else colours the lineart/sketch I’ve commissioned from you?

A: It’s totally alright with me! Please DO make sure to credit me, though.


Q: Can I make a base from that drawing?

A: Unless you’re the one who’s commissioned it; no.  And if you are the one who’s commissioned, you are not allowed to use the base for money. You MUST credit me.


Q: Can I pay you with X?

A: I take payment through invoices using PayPal, Stripe, or Square. Alternate payment methods are not currently available.


Q: When’s my turn?

A: I have a public commissions list, though it is not fully precise, so you can have an idea of when your turn is!


Q: Why was my commission rejected?

A: There are a few reasons why your application might have been denied.

    • Your idea did not inspire me at the moment.
      • What I feel like drawing changes a lot, so it doesn’t mean I will never be interested! Please do try again in 72 hours!
    • My list is too long to take in more work.
      • I don’t like making people wait too long on their commission, and sometimes, even if I like the idea, it’s best to wait until I can get it done in a timely manner!
    • I do not feel like doing that type of commission at the moment.
      • Sometimes the motivation for things like lineart or paneling just isn’t there! I feel like I’m at my best when I’m enjoying the work, and I would feel bad producing subpar work because of a lack of motivation.

Your Question Wasn't Answered In The FAQ?

Will and Won't Draw

Things I love to draw!

-Playful characters.

-Shy characters.

-LGBT+ themed illustrations.

-Family themed illustrations

-Pin-up style illustrations.



These are things I do not enjoy, but will draw for a 50% fee.

-Adult characters in CLEAN diapers.
[Doesn’t cost extra for babies/very young children in diaper, but the diaper has to be clean.]

-Suggestive pieces with pregnant characters.
[Totally SFW pictures including a pregnant character are fine.]


These are things I do not enjoy, but will draw for a 100% fee.

-Characters wearing CLEAN diapers in NSFW situations.

-Pregnant characters in NSFW situations.

-Watersports and/or urine in general.

These are Hard No’s. I will NOT draw any of these subjects.

Any piece containing any of these subject that I have drawn were either drawn BEFORE the subject was added to the list, OR agreed upon prior to the subject being added to the list.

-Underage characters in sexual situations.

-“Feral” animal characters in sexual situations, with the exception of fantasy creatures like dragons.

-Real people without their consent. Includes actors, singers, public figures, etc…

-Real people in sexual situations. No exception.

-Glorified imagery of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc… This includes uniforms and symbols.

-Glorification of self-harm.

-Anything that portrays sexual assault in a positive way.
[Unplanned/Surprise sex is ok, but everyone must be into it ultimately. Slight dubcon (i.e: Somnophilia,”secretly wants it”, etc…) is also acceptable. Requests for such topics will be assumed to imply consent.]

-Memorial pieces for people or pets.


-Dirty Diapers.




(Unless Horror/Gore Theme)

(Might draw some of that stuff at like $2000 a character rough sketch and no one posts it ever I guess.)

Ask me Anything

Remember to mention the commission type if it is related to a quote!


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Latest Changes: April 26 2024

Removed “Comic Pages” option.
Updated Prices for Rough Sketch, Simple Colour, Colour, Soft Colour, Digital Painting, and Dakimakura options.

December 21 2023

-Added back Add-On info in the “Reference Sheet” tab.
-Removed “Profile View” from reference sheet add-ons.
-Changed price of “Detail Shots” add-on to “Variable”

December 12 2023

-Reworded/Corrected a few things in the ToS.
-Removed the part about purchasing PSDs as my way of working makes the files impossible to open in anything but Clip Studio Paint

August 15 2023

-Added Square as a payment option

July 19 2023

-New commission option: Coloured Rough Sketch

-“B&W Rough Sketch” renamed to “Rough Sketch”

May 25 2023

Visual changes.

April 18 2023

Adjusted prices.

March 05 2023

Added new paper option for badges.

February 07 2023

Renamed multiple commission options.
“Sketch” is now “B&W Rough Sketch”
“Lined Sketch” is now “Coloured Lined Sketch”
“Flats” is now “Simple Colour”
“Cel Shaded” is now “Colour​”
“Soft Celshade” is now “Soft Colour”
Non-Chibi badges are no longer called “Cel Shaded” 

January 13 2023

Added Stripe as Payment option (forgot to do it when it was added to the form)

January 12 2023

Visual changes only.

January 10 2023

Slight edit to T.O.S to include part about machine learning.

Updated prices to chibi commissions.

Added Badge commission type.

Upgraded question form.

December20 2022

Changed the carrousel to a slideshow for the samples.
Changed samples.

October 18 2022

Changed wording in refsheet tab. “Change of clothes” has been changed to “Add Clothing” for clarity.

Changed tabs positioning.

Added “Go to form” button.

Full overhaul of the application form.

September 12 2022

Updated wording in FAQ, added a line about payment in ToS.

July 25 2022

Updated samples in multiple categories, and raised the price of additional characters in sketches.

June 22 2022

Clarification in the “Won’t Draw” tab.  Nothing added/removed from the list itself.

May 11-12 2022

Added pricing to comic pages. Renamed “Sketch” to “Speedpaint”. Removed “Speedpaint” option. Added new “Sketch” option. Updated Pricing Chart. 

April 05 2022

Added line in the “before you commission” part of ToS.

February 07 2022

Clearer wording in “Won’t Draw” tab concerning “feral” characters.

-January  26 2022

Slight change in “Read first” wording.

-November 12 2021

Bug testing, might be unnoticeable.

-July 21 2021

Visual changes only.

-April 21 2021

“Rough Sketches” renamed to “Sketches”, “Coloured Sketches” renamed to “Lined Sketches”.

-April 19 2021

A line has been added near the form to inform people who haven’t actually read the tos of communication specifics.

Latest price update: April 26 2024

Rough Sketch

What to expect

Quick and a bit dirty. Just to bring an idea to life without spending much, and without expecting all that much either!


B&W Option

B&W screen tones will be used for shades.

(viewing/sharing at full size is NOT recommended for this commission type.)

Colour Option

Simple cel shading will be used on top of flat colouring.


Background can be added if requested, or if I think of one. Complex backgrounds might be subject to an additional fee.

B&W Samples

Colour Samples





Send in a Commission Application!

The form might take a little while to load, please be patient!

Contact Info

The name you want used for character credit. Type "Anonymous" if you do not want to be credited.
i.e: Your bluesky handle, Fursona name, nickname, etc...

The page you want me to link back to (when hyperlinks are allowed). Type "None" if none is required/wanted.
i.e: a link to your twitter profile

The email you want to be contacted with.

Commission Type

Rough Sketch

Quick and a bit dirty. Just to bring an idea to life without spending much, and without expecting all that much either!

B&W Sample
Colour Sample


A rougher version of a digital painting!


Coloured Lined Sketch

A coloured and shaded sketch, at a pretty reasonable resolution!


Simple Colour

A coloured piece with minimal shading and highlights; just enough for it to pop!



An upgrade to the flat colouring! Shading and highlights are improved by a lot! Now there’s actual dimension; how nice is that?


Soft Colour

A softer twist to the coloured style! Soft, touchable, loveable!


Digital Painting

Well, it's a digital painting!


Reference Sheet

Flat coloured pages made for character references!



Big heads, soft cheeks, chubby and small! Extra cute!



Mostly used for social events such as conventions, badges are a good way to show everyone your fursona easily, and to identify people through the image and/or name easily!

Chibi Sample
Bust Sample
Waist-Up Sample
Thigh-High Sample
Full-Body Sample

Telegram Stickers

A simple, not really detailed style, not exactly chibi, not exactly "regular" style.



A simple, not really detailed style, not exactly chibi, not exactly "regular" style.



tl;dr: A big pillow case!


Illustration Commission Information

Specify Format

Specify Format

What you want in the picture! Things such as character pose, expression, outfit, etc... As well as environment if any.

Reference Sheet Commission

  • Front View
  • Swatches
  • Info Box(es)
  • SFW/NSFW Edit If Wanted (Nude/Undies, no clothes)
  • Front View
  • Back View
  • Swatches
  • Info Box(es)
  • SFW/NSFW Edit If Wanted (Nude/Undies, no clothes)
  • Front View
  • Back View
  • Swatches
  • Info Box(es)
  • SFW/NSFW Edit If Wanted (Nude/Undies, no clothes)
  • Face Close-Up
  • Up to Two Detail Shots
  • Front View
  • Back View
  • Profile View
  • Swatches
  • Info Box(es)
  • SFW/NSFW Edit If Wanted (Nude/Undies, no clothes)
  • Face Close-Up
  • Up to Two Detail Shots
  • Clothed Version

i.e: Smiling, sad, laughing, etc...

i.e: Close-up of eyes, close-up of jewlery, "unwrapped" tattoo

Include pictures in the reference area if possible!

Include pictures in the reference area if possible!

i.e: Species, Gender, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc...

Telegram Stickers Commission

Please use one line per sticker if ordering multiple.

Icon Commission

Chibi Commission

Please describe pose/expression/environment/etc...

Badge Commission

The name you want on the badge, or any text you would like. Say "None" if you don't want any name on it.

Please describe the pose, expression, and background you would like. If you don't know, you can leave it up to me!

Please let me know if there are any colours/patterns/elements you would like behind the character! If you do not know, just leave this line empty and I'll come up with something myself!

If a colour is missing from the list, it means that I've unfortunately ran out of it.

If a colour is missing from the list, it means that I've unfortunately ran out of it.

Please note that the "Backing Only" option will result in a smaller badge than the average.

Please note that the "Backing Only" option will result in a smaller badge than the average.

Please note that the "Backing Only" option will result in a smaller badge than the average. Also please keep in mind that the border and backing might be different if the option is selected. Colour and pattern suggestions will be shown to you for approval.

If there are colours or patterns you'd like me to prioritize, or if there are some that you do NOT want me to use, just let me know here! A selection of papers will be shown to you for approval.

Dakimakura Commission

Please describe pose/expression/etc...

Please describe pose/expression/etc...

Payment Information

The email you want to receive the invoice to. Please enter even if same as contact email.



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Please check your spam inbox if you don't see a reply from me in the next 48 hours following your application (not including weekends, please see my schedule).

Ask me Anything

Remember to mention the commission type if it is related to a quote!


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