Not Really Daily

What is YCHtober?

Starting October 1, I will be posting one(1) YCH(Your Character Here) a day that will be up for grabs for either $150, or $200, depending on the rendering type the buyer decides on!

While the sketches will be posted daily, the pieces will be worked on and posted most likely all the way into 2024, as this will be a LOT of work for me to take on!

Every theme will include a little scene with a base and environmental elements.



  • Later date YCHs can be pre-claimed.
  • Pre-claiming doesn’t assure that I will be working on your YCH first unless I am on standby for previous ones.
  • I will be the one to choose the pose and outfit even for pre-claimed YCHs, please be aware of this when pre-claiming.



  • Prices are in USD
  • Each YCH has a set price for two(2) different levels of rendering.

$150 for Colour style.
$200 for Soft Colour style.



  • Accepted payment processors are PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
  • Payment will be taken once I am ready to work on the YCH.
  • Payment in advance CAN be made, but only under the understanding that I will be working on those in order unless I am on standby for previous ones.
  • If you claim/pre-claim a YCH, make sure that you have the money available to pay. Failure of payment will see you blacklisted from commissioning me unless a valid reason is given.
  • There will be NO refund made for these.



  • These will most likely not all be completed until the end of December. This is much longer a wait than my usual commissions, but there is no way I can complete a Colour or Soft Colour illustration every day. Please be aware of this before claiming a slot later in the month.



  • Body Type (must be humanoid)
  • Expression
  • Accessories (such as piercings or mandatory jewelry)
  • Wings are on a case-by-case basis and will be indicated on the YCH
  • Outfit colours
  • Minimal changes to the outfit



  • Pose
  • Environment
  • Outfit

Colour Sample


Soft Colour Sample


Available YCHs

Contact Info

YCH Selection

Claim as many as you want!

Rendering Style

List the YCH number and name, as well as the rendering style desired. i.e: 4. Scarecrow: Colour, 16. Fantasy Hunter: Soft Colour

Keep in mind that some YCHs may have already been claimed and the page not updated yet.

I will be replying to the claim forms and will update the page ASAP, but I am not at my computer 24/7!

(You might need to refresh the page to get the up-to-date list!)

1. Witch (CLAIMED)
2. Vampire (CLAIMED)
3. Zombie (AVAILABLE)
4. Scarecrow (AVAILABLE)
5. Ghost (AVAILABLE)
6. Angel (Scary) (CLAIMED)
7. Demon (CLAIMED)
8. Pumpkin (AVAILABLE)
9. Spider (CLAIMED)
10. Candy! (AVAILABLE)
11. Magician (CLAIMED)
12. Fast Food (AVAILABLE)
13. Robot (AVAILABLE)
14. Space Suit (CLAIMED)
15. Fairy (CLAIMED)
16. Fantasy Hunter (CLAIMED)
17. Bikini Armor (CLAIMED)
18. Pirate (CLAIMED)
19. Steampunk (CLAIMED)
20. Cyberpunk (CLAIMED)
21. Scientist (CLAIMED)
22. Nurse (CLAIMED)
23. Kigurumi (CLAIMED)
24. Ice Royalty (CLAIMED)
25. Snowman (AVAILABLE)
26. Reindeer (AVAILABLE)
27. Angel (Not Scary) (CLAIMED)
29. Santa (AVAILABLE)
30. Krampus (AVAILABLE)
31. Champagne! (CLAIMED)