Discount On:
-Kobold Characters (Rough Sketch Only)

Before you commission...

Commission Types

Rough Sketches

What to expect

Quick and a bit dirty. Just to get an idea to life without spending much, and without expecting all that much either! Gradient maps and hues are used mostly for mood, and colours will NOT be accurate in most cases.

Background can be added if requested, or if I think of one. Complex backgrounds might be subject to additional fee.



  • Headshot $8

    Additional Character: $4 each

  • Waist-Up $12

    Additional Character: $6 each

  • Thighs High $16

    Additional Character: $8 each

  • Full Body $20

    Additional Character: $10 each

Kobold Discount!

Kobold character OR your character as a kobold!

Done in my kobold style!

$ 15
  • Applicable to Full Body Only
  • Just Mention That This is What You Want Somewhere in Your Request!

Send In A Rough Sketch Request

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