I will most likely not be accepting any large commissions until I'm done with the comic commissions on my list!
(This notice does not apply to Patreon commissions.)
Before you commission...

Hello there!
If this is your first time around here, let me help you a bit! First of all, thanks a lot for considering me for a commission, I’m glad you like my art enough to be interested in having me draw something for you!

To get started, please take a look at every one of the following tabs (Application System, ToS, FAQ, and Will and Won’t Draw) which you can find below, so at least a few of your possible questions might be answered without having to wait for my answer.


Now that you are a bit more familiar with this, lets get to the next step, which is choosing the type of commission that suits your needs and budget the best.

To familiarize yourself with those offered options, scroll down a bit more and feel free to click tabs and browse around!

Once your choice is made, all what’s left is to send in a commission application!

Latest Changes: July 25 2022
Updated samples in multiple categories, and raised the price of additional characters in sketches.
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Latest price update: February 9 2021


What to expect

Quick and a bit dirty. Just to bring an idea to life without spending much, and without expecting all that much either! B&W screen tones will be used for shades.
Resolution: 21000x2673px (350dpi)

(viewing/sharing at full size is NOT recommended for this commission type.)

Background can be added if requested, or if I think of one. Complex backgrounds might be subject to an additional fee.



  • Waist-Up $10

    Additional Character: $10 each

  • Thighs High $12

    Additional Character: $12 each

  • Full Body $15

    Additional Character: $15 each

Send In A Sketch Request

Sorry if this is mentioned multiple times on the page, but multiple people do not seem to read this part of the ToS.
Please reply to updates and/or ask questions through emails only.

Form not working for some reason?

Some times, something prevents the form from being sent.
If that’s the case, please send an email at saucycommissions@gmail.com , using the commission type as a subject. 

Please remember to enter ALL of the form questions in your email, including the Wing-It option if applicable, as well as the ToS check (i.e: entering “I have read and acknowledge the ToS” at the end of your email.)